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Registration Fee

When enrolling in a new semester, the following must be completed:

1. Students must purchase books through HGCD Bible College and Seminary on the first day of class or the first day that the student registers.

2. Also, all students must pay 20% of the entire semester on the first day of class or the first day that the student registers.

3. The remaining balance will be divided; an invoice will be sent every three weeks until the completed semester. (Invoice #2, #3, #4)

4. Once invoice #2 has been sent to each student, that student will have three weeks to complete payment for that invoice.

5. Suppose you have not completed that invoice by when invoice #3 is scheduled to send. In that case, that student will no longer have access to the college's LMS, Educadium system, or any class links (students are prohibited from sharing classified information with each student). All student links are provided by the professor who is teaching that class.

6. When a student is experiencing hardships, that student must converse with the Admissions Office in -person and by email. If a plan can be agreed upon, that student must adhere to the guidelines of that contract and meet all deadlines to proceed as a student in good standing with HGCD Bible College and Seminary. 

Delinquent Accounts

I accept responsibility for paying my term tuition and fees by the deadline. I understand that if I do not pay my tuition and fees or do not pay these fees by the due date, my records will be put on hold, and my account will be referred to a collection agency. All outstanding delinquent accounts will be submitted to a collection agency unless suitable payment arrangements are made. If HGCD Bible College and Seminary considers it necessary to refer all or part of the unpaid principal, late charges, and/or interest to an attorney or collection agency for collection, the student is liable for and shall pay all the attorney’s fees and/or collection agency fees resulting from the referral that is allowed by federal and state laws and regulations and that are necessary for the collection of these amounts.  If your account is delinquent at the time of Graduation, you may or may not be able to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, nor will you be able to receive your Diploma/ Transcripts until all accounts are cleared and paid in full.

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