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Earn a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, Church Administrator, or Pastoral Ministry.


Earn a Masters degree in Church Administration, Divinity, or Pastoral Ministry.


Earn a Doctorate in Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, or Christian Counseling.

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HGCD Bible College and Seminary is on the move!


HGCD School of Ministry and Theological Seminary is proud to be accredited by the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries. This college is not affiliated with any governmental accrediting agency and is solely committed to Christian education.

The purpose of Accreditation is to:

  • certify that an institution has met established standards of excellence;

  • assist prospective students in identifying reputable institutions which offer degree programs that will meet their needs and goals

  • allows institutions to evaluate the acceptability of transfer credits into their own curricula programs.


The faculty at HGCD Bible and Seminary are qualified and credentialed with proven years of experience in the profession of teaching college students.

The faculty at HGCD are committed to the success of its students. When the students succeed, it is a reflection of the College's mission to succeed.  

Future Health of HGCD

The College is ramping up to become more innovative, more productive, and more prepared for its future. As the demand raises for colleges and universities to meet the demand of producing the future leaders, there is not time to miss opportunities to continue to transform for the next generation's success.

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